don’t mention the war…

or the world cup! it’s so weird how the whole country was so excited and hyped up for the world cup.

loads of england flags on houses and cars

 everyone planning work and play around the game~~~~until sunday at 4.30pm….

almost instantly it became the most UN-talked about topic, the flags  have disaappeared and there is a deafening silence.

i thought there would be some day after-water cooler discussion but maybe due to the magnitude of the loss or the embarrasment over the unbritish show of emotional during the lead up…but it has been relegated to the sport section of the newspaper.

maybe next time, lads…

2 thoughts on “don’t mention the war…

  1. The only place I hear it being talked about is in my office – there’s still a little bit of excitement going on since we have so many people from all over…but, yes, otherwise, you’re right – last week the flags on my street made the street blindingly white…we’re back to plain old brick house fronts these days…

  2. It was pretty enthusiastic at J’s work today . ( a very international group ) Ghana V. Uruguay.. ‘they’ the brits are just glad they didn’t lose against the Yanks.. blah blah!

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