the garden tour

my garden, thanks to the last two weeks of non-stop warm, sunny days is doing really well~~and not a slug or snail in sight!!!


clematis!! my most successful addition to the garden

one of mrs halloways roses that i inherited

red hot poker-too sturdy for the snails this year!!!

geraniums-complete with my rubbish in the background

chinese lanterns-the little puffy green lantern will turn orange and red in the fall

petunias-i don't usually like pink flowers much but this combination of purple and pink and the fact they are just so bright and vivid makes them a winner!

i think this is called dianthus? don't like red but can't complain if they are blooming and adding to the texture of the garden!

i know some photographer enthusiasts can take better pics but no photo can replace the total effect of sitting in MY garden on a warm summer evening with jack and cleo rolling around in the grass and the birds chirping.

wish you all could be here with me!

3 thoughts on “the garden tour

  1. Right on Rose!

    Tracy, they are indeed dianthus – sometimes commonly known as ‘pinks’, and a member of the carnation family – or is it that carnations are part of the dianthus family? Whatever – more than you wanted to know!

    If you get a bunch of them in your garden and humidity levels are just right, they give off the best sort of spicy scent.

    Love those lilies!!

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