cross that off my list

one of the nice things about my research job is that now i am getting out to some places in england that i wouldn’t think of traveling to. i do enjoy seeing the mundane, detail of places as opposed to the flash touristy stuff.

after our “interesting” meting in london, sarah,the nice service improvement facilitator and my new partner in crime headed off via the tube to liverpool st in london to catch the train to norwich. when i told my boss i didn’t know where it was he told me head north and turn right about halfway up. he was right!

norwich is the capitol (?) biggest city(?) in norfolk which is that purple county sticking out into the english channel(?) i was warned that the people talk funny but in this highly migratory world we live in i only caught a few of the genuine norfolk accent…and it was funny!

sarah and i had a good old gossip on the way up (2.5 hours) talked about the team and the recent meetings etc. sarah is much more outgoing and chatty than me…. a real font of information but i can fill her in on all the details about what went on before she came along so it is really helpful for both of us.

she booked us into a B&B in cringleford, which was in walking distance of the hospital we were visiting on friday. i’ve never stayed in a b&b, actually renting a room in someone’s house and having them cook breakfast for me but i enjoyed it a lot. they were friendly and helpful without being nosy. i have to say one of the things i enjoy about staying in any hotel these days is being able to lay in bed with a remote and watch TV!!

once we got to the b&b at about 7.30pm, we headed out to the pub for a drink and a bite to eat. the walk was at least 20 minutes but it continues to be lovely sunny summer weather here so we took our time checking out all the big houses and taking guesses on their price range. we stopped in front of a real estate agents window to confirm that while they were pretty expensive they were cheaper than what i’d expect for the same size house in birmingham.

on my list of “things i’ve never done in england” i’d say having what some seem to think is a national drink is pretty high up there. at the pub….sarah was ordering a gun and tonic…she thought i was kidding when i said i’d never had one.  i can now say:

 i had my very first G&T in norwich.

 i expected it to taste more of alcohol, like the one martini i’ve had in life….but it was quite refreshing on a warm summer evening with ice and a wedge of lime…

i’ve had three very busy days and i’m not sure what to include and what to leave out, i also have a loooong list of things i need to do…

but i’m in my little garden, it’s only 11am saturday morning so i’ll just have a little think about that… slow and steady wins the race…

more later!

2 thoughts on “cross that off my list

  1. Wow, a time of firsts for you lady! You’ve got me beat – I’ve never been to Norwich, I’ve never had a G & T in any country – but I do love staying in B & B’s in this country much more than I like staying in hotels…

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