they’re ba-ack….

yep, the glorious summer weather we’ve had has turned back into the usual rain, clouds, wind etc…and with that sunny, warm weather the slugs and snails were conspicuously absent.

just 24 hours of light rain as signalled them to show their slimy little faces again~~~

siblings? obviously with a different father...

big daddy

for some reason they are attracted to this upright cement slab, there was 5 baby snails on here alone

now i’m not afraid of bugs or spiders or anything like that but seeing this at arm level on the door jam of the sliding door made me squeal~~

i definitely prefer snails over slugs!!!

2 thoughts on “they’re ba-ack….

  1. Eeeewwww!! is right! The last photo, for a second there, I thought it was your cucumber. lol

    Hopefully, the summer weather will be back in a few days.

    Maria, keep cool. 😉

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