a false start

yesterday on the way back from london, things all added up for me,  i had a motivational moment where i decided that today i would head to my local leisure centre and actually work out…instead of just stand at the bus stop in front of it.

some of factors in the equation were:

  •  thinking back to the recent past. only 5 years ago i was really fit and working out regularly. i was not young in fact i was over 45 even at that time. i bumped into (literally) a nurse who i worked with in swindon when i first moved to england. we recoginzed each other but it was clear she couldn’t place me. i had to say remember when i worked there? and the last card was “the american?” it clicked when she saw my surname…but maybe it was because i’ve started to go downhill a little.
  • staying in hotels, with their too many mirrors in a small space also does not allow me to escape my shape. at home i have a mirror to check my face for stray hairs and extremely bad hair days and sort of a full length mirror leaning against a wall to have a quick look and reassure myself that my clothes don’t fall into the “laughing stock” category. hotel room mirrors fall one step below a changing room…shudder…in the list of things midle aged women fear most!
  • my old best friend from high school that i recently found on facebook sent me some pics from her son’s wedding last week. she is my age, in fact she is about 5 months older than me…she looks really good, her job involves heavy lifting so she has strong arms. i had to ask if she has any grey hair…. her response??? only a few here and there!!! shhhhhit!

soooo, on the train, where i do most of my thinking these days, i thought about my options. i could just ignore the whole problem and write it off to aging…that’s not really me…i’ve always been in pretty good shape and there are loads of women my age in good shape.

i have several options for actually working out, i joined the hospital gym/pool but it doesn’t open til 10am…i could just power walk but the rain and weather may make it too easy to skip….or i could go to my local council leisure centre…a short bus ride away and they have recently started FREE access for locals..BINGO!!!!

this morning i woke up to a full day off, determined to avoid my work email at all costs….still motivated!!! i managed to overcome some minor obstacles…water bottle, bus fare….lack of music device and actually landed at the leisure centre!! first step to my new stong, firm body!!

unfortunately, i have to wait til monday to have a tour of the facility….that gives me the weekend to sort out a music listening device.

i don’t really care about losing weight i just want to regain some muscle tone and self confidence~~~

2 thoughts on “a false start

  1. I agree with Rose…and for me, too, you know, the walking is not about losing weight. Because I haven’t!! But I do feel fitter and happier.

    I know we talked a bit about this last night…I hope you really enjoy using the leisure centre – it has to be about enjoyment in the end because why do it if it’s not enjoyable? And thank you for telling me about this because I had been casting about in my mind for what I would do when I feel it’s too cold (and the days are way too short) to go for my long rambles…

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