yesterday, we had the 7th? maybe 8th training day. these “events” have evolved quite a bit since the beginning and my participation has expanded and improved 10 fold from this day back in january

reading back through those posts and thinking about how scared and nervous i was…not to mention plain old naive, this last day was relaxed and easy.

not only did i lead (as much as i can when my boss is there) the first workshop, sarah and i did the second one (60 mins each) completely on our own.

i thought the night before that i really should be practicing a little but i’ve done it so many times now that it’s not a problem. i got up in front of 30+ people (one of which was the chief exec from my trust!!) completely free of nervousness and presented some technical material and led the discussion!

i suppose if i had to present some new material i might be a bit nervous again but i think i can officially say that i have conquered my fear!



we went to a pub for a (very quick, for me) drink afterwards, my boss, of course paid for everyone’s drinks and also got a bottle of english bubbly!!

it was fun…but on the walk over i made a face at sarah and said we were bordering on a bit too much togetherness…kind of like a family gathering. you are obligated to spend time with people and you really look forward to seeing some people but you really wish others won’t show up or at least just sit there and shut up….but you know they will be loud and obnoxious and insist on being the centre of attention…

the creativity consultant (s) will no longer be working with us, *picture me doing a happy dance*~~~ the woman, who is one of the attention seekers, slim, pretty, full of herself, overpaid and a creativity control freak ~~~ the man, spent all of yesterday doing nothing….well, actually that’s unfair, he did spend 7 hours playing on his new ipad…. obviously overpaid, my son could have done that for free!!!

just one last update, the public agency i work for has been hard hit by the election and subsequent budget cuts in short the labour gravy train has come off the rails~~~~they say they are no longer able to fund my trip to barcelona to present the poster that represents the project…my boss rolled his eyes at that news and told me not to worry, he has some money for that…

i’m trying to get mr a to come with me on the train and make an adventure out of it because~~~~

 we really need an adventure!!!!!

2 thoughts on “progress

  1. This is fantastic about your comfort levels with talking in front of all those people. I guess it just goes to show that a lot of the things that make us nervous is just really a fear of the unknown…I am not quite at the point where I would be comfortable having a supervisor ‘watch’ me when I’m with a client, but I’m really close (it’s not a requirement of my job, but I’m just saying…).

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