recovery day

i worked a night shift last night, caught up on some gossip once my patient stopped climbing out of bed and screaming….”help me!”. i did feel sorry for her though, i vaguely remember her story from last year. she is well into her 60’s and for some reason had a spontaneous rupture of her esophagus. how could i forget her when i read the notes that described the surgeons finding vegetables in her mediastinum.

i think the layman’s term would be the chest cavity~~and i don’t think anyone needs to be told that it is not a good thing. this lady has had 3 surgeries related to this unfortunate incident. she also has a “sensitivity” to narcotic/sedative drugs…so what did we do to her after her latest surgery??? load her up on morphine until she is hallucinating, grabbing at imaginary objects in mid-air and climbing out of bed mumbling that she needed to get home because her grandson was waiting for her…

luckily, she did fall asleep and when she woke up at 6am, she looked much brighter and my single accomplishment for the entire 11.5 hours?? i asked her if she knew where she was? ~~~~i’m in hospital…the queen elizabeth~~


recently, i’ve felt a glimmer of my formerly creative, imaginative self…i’m looking at glasses at the charity shop thinking about how i could use glass to make a mosaic effect~~~day-dreaming about easy it would be to make another prairie style lamp~~~planning the next phase of the house/garden upgrade~~

night shifts enhances that dreamy, no inhibitions, creative feeling. unfortunately, i am back to work tomorrow, sort of~~~my goal is to avoid the dreaded train ride to london this week if i possibly can. the last 3-4 weeks of multiple train trips to various english hotspots have really sucked the excitement of travel out of me.

i do have my tour of the leisure centre tomorrow, the first step towards regaining a sense of my former self!

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