excitement-a new definition

i got up to go to leisure centre this morning, had my water bottle and sweats (again) got on my mom’s favorite bus, the 27! a few stops down, my mom’s favorite singing bus driver got out of his little driver box and he wasn’t singing today…

in fact he seemed a litle stressed and annoyed~~he looked down the bus and said “is everyone going to northfield?” slow nods, groans and mumbles from the passengers in the affimative. well, he says, “the road by the train station is blocked off so the only way to northfield is down the bristol road, so we are having a diversion today”

oh, boy-a diversion!!! how sad am i that when the bus has to take a new route because a road is blocked ~i tick the box in the excitement category?

and what was the highlight of the diversion?? i got to drive by the old longbridge car factory site which is now being majorly developed. reading about the history of longbridge is pretty interesting

The Longbridge plant is an industrial site situated in the Longbridge area of Birmingham, England. Opened in 1905, Longbridge was once the largest manufacturing plant in the world. During the 20th Century the site employed many thousands of people, central to the economy of the local area. Longbridge has produced a wide variety of products, although consistently over time the product has been cars, perhaps most notably the iconic Austin Mini. During the Second World War the main plant produced munitions and tank parts, while the nearby East Works of Austin Aero Ltd at Cofton Hackett produced several marques of aeroplane such as the Short Stirling and the Hawker Hurricane.

that explains why there are so many austin minis around here

okay so maybe they won’t open a crate and barrel, an oberweiss or even a target on that site but having a college and big, new industrial must be a positive for the neighborhood!

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