i’m hooked

i finally passed all the hurdles~~~~ got to the gym and onto a treadmill and cross trainer!! i worked up a sweat and got my heartrate up to the 160’s for little while…and didn’t have a heart attack!!

it is like riding a bike it all comes back~~the most surprising thing is that i didn’t come home and collapse!! i’ve been awake and productive this afternoon!! woo hoo!

i may have a new section for the blog~~the gym.

i watched these two young guys, one average size, one a bit chubby-both flabby, pale and awkward. they spent 5 or 10 minutes on the bikes and then hid in the corner drinking water and slyly eyeing the girls…i have some advise for them:

if you want to ever make one of those girls sweat between the sheets…you might want to stop gawking and start working out!

off to london tomorrow….

6 thoughts on “i’m hooked

  1. I’m sure it’s something to do with endorphins – you, not those sweaty guys… once you really get into it, you find you are less tired – usually – and just feel all around better – doesn’t matter whether you lose weight or even inches, you just feel better.

  2. what is your secret? I have been walking 5 days a week since May and I am still wiped out when I get home.. maybe it’s in my mind.. maybe
    not.. 😦

  3. If it’s me you’re asking…the only thing I can think of is that I can let go of stress when I walk…I doubt very much that you get that opportunity since you’re usually walking to or somewhere with your little one. For me, as well, there is a more positive affect (effect??) if I don’t keep walking the same places…I get bored! It’s why I don’t do very well joining a gym, get bored doing the same thing over and over…

    Tracy, your input??

  4. don’t know…i actually like the repetition. i really like competing with myself. the machines at the gym make it easy to know my heart rate, the time elapsed, the level of resistance etc…

    my mind is numb today after a train ride to london…i have stats for that too…1 hour 24 minutes of being sandwiched between a window and a fat man…with 4 total inches of wiggle room…

    i do enjoy a walk in the countryside but agree with julie that it should be pure enjoyment!!

  5. Ah, see, it’s really whatever works for you – the competing with yourself, I get that, because I enjoy it too…but the pure enjoyment aspect is true – if you get pure enjoyment out of the competition, that’s the important thing and what will keep you going back for more.

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