be careful what you wish for~

i was excited to submit an abstract of a poster about the research project i am working on~~

i was even more excited when i was told it was accepted~~

i was stunned when i got this email yeterday…

Dear Tracy A,

We are pleased to inform you that your abstract has been selected as oral presentation by the Congress Scientific Committee. Congratulations!

Your abstract above has been assigned the new reference number 0018 for the following oral presentation session:

Session Title:          Safety & quality in the ICU
Session Date:           11 October 2010
Session Time:           10.10 – 10.25
Session Room:   Stockholm

The duration of your presentation is 10 minutes, followed by 5 additional minutes of Q&A (questions from the audience and/or from the chairpersons). Please make sure you are in the session room 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the session and do not exceed your presentation time.

what have i gotten myself into??*breaking out in a sweat* this will be the ultimate challenge to my fear of public speaking…the only saving grace is that i think most people will have other things to do at 10am on the first day of the conference~~~maybe i can throw in some of my best high school spanish??

2 thoughts on “be careful what you wish for~

  1. Whoa, making me break out into a sweat!

    But, I agree with Maria…it is really awesome. So this means you’re going to Stockholm, as in Sweden, not Wisconsin. Now, if it were Stockholm, Wisconsin, no one would show up, since only about 10 people live there and they’d all be in the local cafe having coffee at that hour!


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