not what i expected to write

first off, i really apologize to anyone who may stumble on my blog for the first time…i used to post controversial, thought provoking things on my blog but sometimes i got undesirables thinking this is an open forum…

and then i got happy! well, as close to happy as i’ve ever been which still would be only low middle range on most peoples scale. 

 i did sort out my immigration status and stopped having days like this and this.

my kids are all grown and in the states…and i have two new roomates, which brings us to today’s rather boring post~~

it’s been feline grand central station around here! every morning a steady stream of kitty mates…the skinny black one, the big fat tabby and jack’s new pal, big ginj~~~ 

here’s a game for you, it’s called “find all three cats”~

HINT: cleo is in the greenhouse

i thought cleo looks like she is in her teenage room doing what teenage girls do and her brother has brought over his dorky friend…all jack and big ginj need is a cat version of playstation!!

the other update for the regulars is the chinese lanterns are getting colourful!

mr a is getting pretty smug about having the best chinese lanterns in the neighborhood…well, at least between here and the shops!

i didn’t intend to have this be a walk down memory lane and i have to say reading some of my old posts is a real eye opener for me.

maybe all my commuter headches and public speaking anxiety is really nothing to complain about~~

4 thoughts on “not what i expected to write

  1. amazing to go back and read old posts, isn’t it? i myself keep reading things written by other people looking for insight, but i suspect if i were to journey back through my own blog, i would find plenty. i think i would also find i am pretty stuck.

    i can only hope that i get to reach the point where you are this day, today, which seems pretty high up on the happiness scale to me 🙂

  2. thanks, lynette. it’ all relative, part of my problem is i never feel secure. i’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop, for something to go wrong…

    that drives some people crazy!

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