the grim reaper visited…

unusually, i was at the london office of the government agency i work at today-monday…. that gave me the opportunity to see personally what happens when a formally big, fat, overflowing with cash “quango” gets scalped, decapitated and exsanguinated…it was not pretty~~ i think they had to close the rooftop patio…

i was in a meeting when there were quiet whispers about a meeting, “a briefing”. apparently the regular employees have been hanging on in quiet desperation since the election…. today it became official…

Who stays

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  • Care Quality Commission
  • General Social Care Council – but renamed when it joins with the Health Professions Council
  • Health and Social Care Information Centre
  • Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
  • Monitor
  • National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
  • NHS Blood and Transplant
  • NHS Business Services Authority
  • NHS Litigation Authority

Who goes

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  • Alcohol Education and Research Council
  • Appointments Commission
  • Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence – to be made a self-funding body by charging a levy on regulators
  • Health Protection Agency
  • Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority
  • Human Tissue Authority
  • National Patient Safety Agency
  • National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse
  • NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

i don’t need to point out which of those agencies that are “going” i work for but the fact is it doesn’t make any difference to me! i am only loaned out so if they locked the doors tomorrow i would just go back to my old job at the hospital!

HA! i sneer at unemployment! i laugh in the face of redundancy!! ha, ha~~HA!!

not that i am unsympathetic, most of my family is unemployed or under-employed so i know it’s scary and sucks big time…but i do feel a certain sense of revenge to see some highly~too highly paid directors having to scramble to justify all the vital, important things they think they do for patients…

there are very few good decisions i have made in my life but going to nursing school rates in the top 4!!!


6 thoughts on “the grim reaper visited…

  1. theres another good post subject at the end there… What are the top five best decisions you have made in your life?

    and sorry I didnt really catch what part you belong to on the cut list…but I hope you are smuggly sweet and insincerely sensitive, doing your best Delores Umbridge impersonation during the last days of their jobs!

  2. who is delores umbridge?

    i didn’t even go to the meetings because it doesn’t really effect me…interesting to listen to the buzz though. my project will finish next March as planned.

  3. Delores Umbridge is a character from Harry Potter 5. Everytime you tell me about the correspondence and minutia that gets blown out of proportion at your job I think of her. You would LOVE HER!

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