the tide is turning

sometimes it’s fun to say … i told you so!!! i knew that after the slow start to this project, from my point of view at least, that things would shift  in my direction towards the end of the project…which is now. i couldn’t have dreamed how quickly and dramatically that would happen.

after all the bruhaha on monday, there has been a steady stream of statements, updates and clarifications. the agency will be abolished by 1 april 2012 although we aren’t using the “A” word…it’s being “broken up” and “absorbed”…

i had a meeting with my boss this morning where we both agreed that the project would carry on to completion but neither of us anticipated the teleconference where we were told that they are not allowed to renew any contracts…which would include our statistician.

we had no idea that her current contract runs out on 1 august. yes, after monday we have nobody to organize the rather large database we now have….guess who’s name came up during the discussion??? moi! i will be in london tomorrow and monday learning how to babysit data for the next month until they can get a temporary, on loan, substitue person who won’t have a clue!

i’ve never heard my name mentioned so many times before on this project in one 15 minute conversation…

anyway, i’m going to miss her, she is dry and grouchy and has a no nonsense, this is me-take it or leave it attitude….

don’t know why she grew on me…

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