64%-pass or fail?

i remember when getting 64% on an assignment was a failure but i just got the results of a presentation i did in june and from what people tell me 64% is pretty damn good, over 70% being exceptional!! on the marking table, i got 7 “good” and 6 “very good” and quite positive comments. that’s a really odd concept for me but what the hey…i thought, felt, hoped and assumed i’d done well but you can doubt yourself alot in the 6 weeks of waiting for your grade…

it was double good mail day, on this overcast saturday morning…i finally “got my head round” the expense rules for work. i could have been claiming between £5 and £10 for every trip i’ve taken and £25 for every overnight stay. the self absorbed project manager never really explained that to me or brought it up when i never put any claim in even though every other member of the team was putting in claims…so i put in 3 months of expenses and got a check in the post today for £232!! 

 that’s going to buy a lot of treats on my fast approaching trip to the homeland!!

the research project that caused me such conflict over my loyalties seems to be falling apart in new and unexpected ways. not only have we lost the statistician and communications person, one of the “service improvement facilitators”- albeit the loud, manipulative, bullshit artist apparently has taken another job. the prospect of unemployment has cut short her dedication to patient safety and she is bailing…

the project manager is off on holiday for 2 weeks and of course i have my extended holiday following that but in the short week  between i have a meeting with her, which she’s calling “ICU support”.  mmm, is this where she will tell, ask, beg me to do certain aspects of jobs that were formally done by much, MUCH higher paid people???

it won’t help to ask for more money because they simply don’t have it…must think of something they can/will do for me….

the rain has come back to england and as much as i enjoyed the summer weather we’ve had, the plants do need some water, especially since i don’t have a hose…the only other problem is that the rain makes everything grow so fast!! i don’t really have time to trim the hedges and mow the lawn!!

i have work to do on my other assignment for school…and lists…i have to make lists of things to do. things to do before i go away, things to buy/bring with me, things to do when i get to the windy city and more lists of things to do when i get back!!!!

i better get one hell of a reference from this job!!!

2 thoughts on “64%-pass or fail?

  1. I’m about to replant all my plants in the pots out front because I got too lazy to water! Who knew with all that sunshine they’d shrivel up and die??! This is England!

    About the marking system in the UK – it is definitely different. Never thought I’d shout from the rooftops that I got a 78% on a an exam – but when 50% is passing, 64% and 78% are really good…when I was at university, people who got marks in the 80s were exceptional – don’t know how you’d go about getting a score of 100% or what it all means!

    Good for you on that 64%!

  2. In the old days, 1951, 69 was failing. a D was also considered below passing, just barely, but not a good score. , I remember getting them and taking a deep breath, not good, but not a “do over”…..

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