food confusion

here’s just two examples of food in this country that makes me: 

  1. laugh
  2. snigger
  3. actually get my camera out and brave funny looks to get a photo!

oreo biscuits???


sorry, but i have never called america’s favorite cookie a biscuit! i looked much closer at the package to find out where this weird term had come from…they are made in warwick…. figures… 

and of course, hot summer? august? it’s watermelon time!!! 

the british summer watermelon


forget the huge watermelons that you have to cut in half just to get in the fridge… 

that’s it…teeny, tiny slivers of watermelon…mmm…not sure i could eat all that….

2 thoughts on “food confusion

  1. Cookies are peculiar to the Americans! It is known as biscuits almost anywhere else, especially in the British Commonwealth countries which include Australia and New Zealand.

    Melons is a general term. There are many varieties which include watermelon, seedless watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, pepino.

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