chorley and south ribble, been there

my day out yesterday included giving a relaxed presentation with sarah to the lovely staff of blackpool, burnely and east lancs…not that i had any idea where that was. a few weeks ago i went to norwich which was north and east….this was north and west. i love maps…

i took the train to preston and changed for the very short ride to chorley. here’s some pics of the lovely train station in preston

all the railings were old and original and painted in this red, green and white colour scheme. i think the red is from the red rose? they must have been the red side in the war of the roses? i’m sure someone will correct my if i’m wrong when he gets home from work….

i was taking a picture when this lady came around the corner, this must be a popular station for picture taking and trainspotters because they had a poster about not obstructing the flow of the trains and passengers

the detail of the painting was really stunning and it looks like they have been doing it since about 1400…the railings are probably only 1/4 inch thick with 2 inches of paint on them!! lovely though…it had a really nice atmosphere!

when i started listening to these people talk i got a little worried because they have quite a heavy accent…truth is i could barely understand them at first…here’s a sample of what they sound like, this is fred dibnah, he was quite a famous machinery guy? i saw his show and he only died a few years ago…this clip of him when he was much younger than i’d ever seen and looking quite handsome if i do say so….

good luck with this one…

another great day out!!

5 thoughts on “chorley and south ribble, been there

  1. Oooh, you were so close to the Lake District…yet so far! Another lovely area of the country.

    I really love how some of these railway stations have been restored.

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