the perfect research project for me

aside from studying how long a middle aged woman can sleep or how many empty boxes can be stored in the average semi detached loft….studying whether snails have homing tendancies would be right up my alley…

Homing Snails Experiment: Snail Swapping

The Great Snail Swap by Ruth Brooks

Ruth Brooks and her grandson.

You and a friend will collect, mark and swap snails, then monitor them for one week..

We would like to know: how many snails return home, and how many set up home in their new garden.

Our results will help gardeners to control snails humanely, and will provide fascinating insights into their behaviour.

Our printable booklet contains instructions about the experiment, and a results table for you to fill out. Then you will need to enter the data online for the results to be analysed

unfortuately step one is slightly problematic as i don’t have any equally snail obsessed neighbors…


Ruth Brooks and her grandson.

Find a friend or neighbour who is willing to swap snails with you.

i’ll have to ask ruth if i can just collect them and take them some distance away and wait and see if any come back….

2 thoughts on “the perfect research project for me

  1. How many miles does she think these snails can travel? We could trade snails, but I can’t imagine our snails finding their way back home…can you imagine, a snail would die of old age ‘walking’ from West Heath to Warstock!

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