is a headache the new PMS?

my brief holiday in happy land has come to a gradual stall…it’s all back ~~the gloom and doom, the lethargy, the desire to drown myself in a vat of beer and then lay motionless in bed for a week or two….and two days of headache! i was blaming it on the weather…it’s turned cool and cloudy here.

nope, mother nature has decided to remind me that even at 52-fifty two years old~~~i still have a small amount of estrogen left somewhere way in the far reaches of my right ovary i’m guessing.

well, that’s about all i have the energy to say…it’s friday so my main goal for the weekend is to go to a pub near work on a scouting mission. 4 of us, including my boss are having a work related dinner next tuesday night, with the stipulation that it cost no more than £25/head. my boss tried to make reservations at turners a 1 star Michelin restaurant but they were booked up.

looks like it will be the white swan instead…as long as it is quiet enough for “thought and conversation”

anyway, my headache is one of those really bad ones that makes you nauseous so i’m off to a quiet, dark room for awhile….

4 thoughts on “is a headache the new PMS?

  1. Enjoy the scouting mission – hope the headache clears up. I had the same thing today, minus the nausea and monthly visit. And I’m remembering that you’re not all that far behind me in hitting the last period. I was 51 1/2 (sounds funny, you’re not supposed to keep track of 1/2 years after the age of 13!) when I had my last period…

    We will have to try to meet up before our respective holidays…maybe one night after work…there aren’t many weekends left before you take off.

  2. Gosh!! every first two-three days of my period I get a headcahe from hell. seriously hate it but it’s like I feel your pain.. I want to sleep and stay somewhere dark and fluffy forever.. advil works for me..

  3. I don’t really mean to come back here early on a Saturday morning and sound like Little Mary Sunshine, but here goes anyway!

    My opinion is that, as long as you can really accept the fact that this is going to happen to you for the foreseeable future, it should somehow make it easier to understand the fact that you will soon get back to happy land. Happy land is NOT a brief interlude, the awful PMS-y headaches are the brief interlude to get through.

    Hope you’ve found some relief – says she who only got 5 hours of sleep last night due to the stress of the week! lol Thank goodness, I’ve got a good weekend to look forward to!

  4. i soppose i’m not used to it because i never had headaches when i was younger but this is one of those ice pick in the left temple ones…still there today i am thinking it may be exacerbated by the weather so a little sinus involvement?

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