let’s compare the weather

in exactly two weeks i’ll be on a plane to chicago. honestly i am too busy to build up any anxiety about flying but i am taking some small steps towards preparation….. like making a mental list of what to bring in my backpack.

the obvious items are clothes~~that seems like a no brainer until i think about where i am and where i am going…despite having a great month or two of “summer” weather here it’s all gone now…let’s compare

  Birmingham, United Kingdom * Partly Cloudy

      71° / 53°


            68° / 55° 

                              64° / 55°


 Chicago * Fair  

 82° / 66°


                    89° / 73

oh dear….from the 50’s-60’s to mid-high 80’s??? okay so i have a few summer tops and one pair of shorts…but 80-90 F? everyday? now that is scary!!! i think baked brummie is gonna be on the menu~~~~

just having a look through some of the things i can do while i am there…

tall ships!!

i’ve just started to scratch the surface of what i will be trying to do…it’s going to be great!!

6 thoughts on “let’s compare the weather

  1. Sandals, she’ll bring sandals!

    T, I’m sure you can feel for me when I resisted going back in July – I’m still leery about the 1st of September…I never liked the super-hot weather anyway, and not, not being used to it, it does feel scary!

    Cool about the tall ships! Take lots of photos!!

    I sat down this morning and picked my seats for my flights…now I’ve just got to book coach tickets to get me to the airport, just over 3 weeks before I’m off…

  2. I still don’t have enough summer clothes.. some days I start out in jeans and think i’ll be ok.. nnnoooo!! plus there si A/C .. At least your luggage will have more and feel lighter..

  3. Old navy has like $5 t’s and $10 shorts and long sundresses so we can get you some throw away stuff… And with my sensitive pale skin when its really hot i just go with hanes mens v- necks- big, breezy and no sun burn. Dont even bother to bring jeans! last week even during the night it was 80′.
    I need you to bring me some things… #1 more of that amaretto sultanas choc
    I’ll send you a list LOL

  4. Rose, you sound like my daughter – she wanted me to bring her something chocolate and shiny…so I suggested Cadbury’s wrapped in foil – she said ‘that’ll work’! lol

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