one less thing to worry about

some people think i worry too much… but… in the case of a very important overseas trip and a very soon to expire passport~~i think i am justified to be worried.

today though i was relieved to recieve~~ta-da!

man, that is one sturdy passport!! of course it probably has the itinerary of every trip i’ve taken over the past 35 years embedded in the cover…and it has nice little touches of historical quotes, pictures of bald eagles and shafs of wheat and mount rushmore.

looking at my aging face and all my relevant details like my birth place printed in black and white makes me kind of sad? nostalgic? okay, just plain old!!

a few passport facts about me:

  • my first passsport-1977
  • i had a maroon “official business” passport when i was in the air force
  • i have been to at least 15 countries
  • i have lived in 2 countries (turkey and england)
  • i now travel on two passports (a current one and an expired one that has my ILR visa in it)
  • i could have a 3rd, british passport (if i wasn’t so cheap and stubborn to apply and pay god knows how much money it costs these days)

the other scary  interesting thing about my new passport is that it expires in 2020!!!! yikes!!!!!! i stood at a bus stop today vaguely watching all the weirdos people going by wondering where i will be in 2020….

feel free to offer suggestions on where you think i will be in 10 years….

where do you think you will be in 10 years??

One thought on “one less thing to worry about

  1. I’m sure I’ll be right here in old Blighty – as long as 2012 doesn’t get us all first!

    My first passport was issued in 1975, but I’ve only lived in one country and haven’t visited many, so you’ve got me beat!

    I hate my passport photos in both the US and UK one, but I guess we’re supposed to look like criminals.

    I’ve heard of a few people taking a hammer to the chip in the passport so their details can’t be stolen by whoever it is that finds it so easy to do that kind of stuff…don’t know if I’ll do that to mine, though.

    I’m REALLY glad you got it! It didn’t take very long, but still, nerve-wracking waiting for it!

    Let me know if you’re free Saturday or one evening next week so we can say ‘so long for now’!

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