it were a right good day!

my early day yesterday brought me all the way to beverley, you know… in yorkshire? you know, 8 miles from hull? near the humber bridge?

of those the only significant thing i actually saw with my own eyes was the bridge

 from ground level…in fact the train passed under probably along where that road runs…

sarah and i both thought how much we wish we could spend more time in these little towns we’ve visited. but when the train takes 3 hours just to get there and three hours back for a 2 hour meeting it doesn’t leave much time to sightsee.

on my return to birmingham it was raining-pissing down actually…and i was just in a light jacket and no brolly. i text roy-

it wernt raining in hull

wouldn’t it be funny if i picked up a yorkshire accent? here’s a few cute/funny videos

really love that one!!! and this little girl is cute too

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