just don’t call me bab..

even though i have about a million things to do-not least of which is to come up with 1400 more clever words for my 3000 word assement which is due 1 sept- i am working tonight and in full blown avoidance and procrastination mode!! so sleeping in the garden chair and browsing online are right up my alley…

rose wants to stick with birmingham and youtube is not one to dissappoint on silly obscure videos, i’m not really sure what order to put these in-some are long and interesting and some are short and hilarious- let’s start with a few short, funny jokes

just to set the scene, there’s a perception of brummies being “thick” but probably not any worse than people from cicero or berwyn… that comes later but that little tidbit might help to understand these jokes…

i forgot that people get touchy about the obvious difference between a birmingham and black country accent-you can prctice this song to get up to speed

here’s a really good documentary about birmingham followed by perceptions of birmingham, there are 2 parts to each one so feel free to carry on~~

and for regular updates there is always birmingham, it’s not shit and try the birmingham translator!!!

So that’s Burminum.

I’m off ter werk at the oss pickle.

3 thoughts on “just don’t call me bab..

  1. My husband John was born in Birmingham, but he doesn’t have the accent having lived in Wales from about 12 or so until after he graduated from Cardiff University. Then spent time in Ireland and London and at least 20 years in Cumbria. He is a great mimic though and can do accents from all over the UK. His American accent leaves a bit to be desired though. He sounds like he learned that one watching old B & W westerns from the 50s. These accent posts are funny. I’m really enjoying them and will send this one on to John for a laugh.

  2. i think the accent that most people make fun of is the black country but i live in south birmingham-the “other” side and the accent here can be quite difficult to understand.

    i can’t imitate accents-i guess some people can and some can’t. saying that someone in yorkshire told me i haven’t lost my ameriacn accent yet….after 7 years!

  3. I love listening to the accents and seeing birmingham…. i want to come back and visit! That one lady is right they do kinda sing at ya LOL

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