laid off? redundant? it’s all unemployment

in Jan 1984, when i was 6 months pregnant with number one son, i was completely caught off guard after a spending spree christmas~~i was shuffled off to an office and told my job no longer existed. the next week, i went to the unemployment office with my toddler daughter and a pocket full of treats.

the most insulting part of that experience was being called a few weeks later and having an overenthusiastic headhunter saying how i’d been highly recommended-with my NASA certification for soldering. i was flattered and excited and jumping into setting up an appointment for a “quick” interview when i said…oh, just one thing…i’m pregnant…*screeching halt*….the guy said and i quote because it is so clear in my mind 26 years later….”nobody will hire you like THAT!”

here’s an example of unemployment in 2010 in england

We will meet and work together to answer this question:

“What are the critical attitudes and actions for me personally during this transition and how do I fit in with the next steps for Patient Safety division?”

 The style of the meeting:

  •  To help develop your personal ideas and plans
  • To help each other work together flexibly and well during this time of chang
  • Informative, interactive, high energy – and hopefully enjoyable!
  • Help us all manage the balance of being positive in the meeting, with having the space to ‘speak out’
  • Sensitivity for others (being careful in what we say – choosing to be aware that what we say and do has and impact on the emotions of others)
  • Time to talk with each other in the breaks during the day to follow up on any themes that are raised …so please be there all day – try not rush to email in the breaks J
  • Activities for different preferred ways of working and learning
  • Dress as you feel comfortable (e.g. smart casual)

We are planning this so you will leave:

  1. With new ideas for your own personal transition
  2. With a greater feeling of personal control at this time of change
  3. Knowing more about the changes happening
  4. Having had a chance to contribute your ideas


Time Activity  
0930 Arrival – coffee etc And a few activities – so please get there as soon as you can!
1000 Welcome and getting going Alison, Bruce, Euan and PeterWith Phil Hadridge, idenk
  Change and all that – activities and discussion Introductory session, exploring experiences and current attitudes – plus some frameworks for thinking about change
  Informed Reaction: A table top task Working in groups, plus a presentation from Alison, Bruce, Euan and Peteron the function mapping work
1300 Lunch: Natter and Nosh Lunch provided
1400 Managing my personal journey though change: Exploring options for getting (and keeping) on the Front Foot Preparing my personal transition plan –, with Ross Pow, idenk
  An Audience with Suzette  
1630 Close …and on to a drink for those that want to…

 maybe as i still have a job, i will just show up for the drinks??

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