where were you when…

last week i mentioned that at a dinner where 3 people had Dr in front of their names and one didn’t….. we had a fun game of “where were you when?” as in where were you when kennedy was shot?

i was 5 years old, in kindergarden, at central school riveside, illinois. don’t really remember the announcement and all that but  i do clearly remember being at my “aunt and uncle”s apartment on the day of the funeral-i’ve always wondered where my parents were that day that we had to be babysat but being clueless about what a funeral was all about i remember standing inches from the black and white tv

and probably saying inappropriate things.

later in my teenage years i became slightly obsessed with the kennedy assassination. i found the records from the warren commission in the library and read about the forensics, i studied the gruesome pictures of the blood stained shirt, the drawings of bullet paths through his head…

weird, i know…

where were you????

3 thoughts on “where were you when…

  1. I can’ t believe we’ve never talked about this!

    I’m a whole year older than you and I don’t remember either…I remember sitting on my dad’s lap watching the flat draped coffin on TV as it just sat there and wondering why my dad seemed so sad…

    I became obsessed in high school and did my senior year term paper on the subject…read everything I could get my hands on…and I still think it didn’t happen the way the Warren Commission said it did….

  2. I was having lunch with Marc and Tracy, Bozo was on TV. They broke in, and screams and cries filled the back hall. Monnie Baron was in the state of shock, uncontrollable. Marc was so upset cause Bozo was canceled, but truly delighted when it was announced that ALL SCHOOL WAS CANCELED till further notice. Then he became aware of the fact that all TV was also canceled, except for the Dallas up to date reports and the comings and goings of all involved. It was a time of “firsts” for all of us.

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