as all my family and anyone vaguely aware of my ticker on the right>>>>>>

can tell you— in 29 hours i will be setting out on my journey to chicago. i am finally getting a sense of the enormity of this adventure and for the first time i am starting to embrace the whole thing. i am transforming from a working, water logged, slug dodging english rose brummie privet hedge to a sweaty, tank top and shorts, ice cream eating, hanging out in the frunchroom chicagoan……

it will be life changing~~it will generate memories that will define my family~~it will require more energy than i have

i am charging up my video camera and today i thought it might be fun to make a real boring travel extravaganza starting with the 4am taxi ride to digbeth coach station~~sunrise at manchester airport~~~~lunchtime arrival in chicago~~~~and the smiling birthday girl!!!

that’s only day 1~~~24 more after that!!!

3 thoughts on “transforming

  1. I hope you all have a wonderful time…I’ll be thinking of you as I start out on my own od(d?)yssey to the land of much warmer weather just about 10 days behind you…

    Tracy’s mom, you look fascinating in that fascinator! Glad it arrived looking so perky.

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