at the airport

well, everything has gone smoothly so far- my taxi arrived about 7 minutes early and the journey that usually takes 45-minutes to an hour took the amazingly short time of 14 minutes!!! can you beweeve it???

the coach ride was–the usual- how do women find somebody to talk rubbish with at 4.30 on sunday morning…and i do mean rubbish! this journey had the interesting addition of a man in the row behind me and a man in the row in front of me~~both snoring!!!

it was hard to miss the fact that they have finally changed their line of questioning at security (or maybe it’s just here) form the standard who packed your bags? to all sorts of detailed questions about how long have i owned my bag, have i recently bought my camera or had it repaired. they have adopted an open ended question, touchy-feely, trying to get to know you attitude…not very british  but effective and i am happy to cooperate 

anyway, it’s a sunny clear day here in manchester and i’ll be boarding and be on my way in about an hour…home in time for a very special lunch!!

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