it’s a whole week now since i touched down at o’hare-in the sunshine! it’s been 7 days, over 80F without a cloud in the sky. i though it would be worse than it is….it’s definitely warm but i am really enjoying it. no worrying about whether to bring a jacket or not…wondering which shoes to wear in case it starts pouring rain…really simple-sandals, short sleeve top and skirt or loose pants….no-brainer!!

it’s going to be over 90 today but i am relaxing in my mom’s garden-partly in the shade and there is a cool breeze. i am pushing my own personal limits by wearing a spaghetti strap top, even to the hardware store, which got me a few looks but hey…

i’ve begun ot notice a few differences between here and birmingham -one being that even in this HOT weather the women are generally NOT falling out of their tops! i have complained in the past about how uncomfortable i am in a professional setting to be talking to a woman with her boobs on display. let alone ona warm summer day in the city centre when women of ALL shapes, sizes and ages insist on wearing the skimpiest tops….sometimes it is downright sickening…ewwww! not here though-only the really healthy, young ones…

which brings me to a second observation- they say all americans are sooooo fat! in my travels back and forth to the city on the train and around to various tourist attractions- although there are some heavy people i am surprised at how healthy and fit most people are !! okay, i admit i am traveling through some of the more affluent suburbs but even in the city people look pretty darn clean and healthy!!! i’ve seen a lot worse in birmingham….

now on to the trains….using my new skill for making tables, here is a quick comparison of the two most popular routes in my life at the moment

Train line Metra Virgin
Distance Chicago Union Station to Aurora 

38.2 miles

Birmingham to London

 102 miles

Time 45 mins (express) 

90 mins (local)

70 mins (express)

 90 mins (local)


$11 roundtrip-any time

£110 ($165) return-peak time-reserved train only!


as you can see even though the trip to london is twice as long the duration of the actual trip is about the same. one can’t help but wonder about the outrageous difference in price!!! and just for the record on the trip to chicago i always get a comfy single leather seat on the upper deck with a window..and no snooty business man (or woman) spilling over to my seat or yapping away on their mobile!!!!!

one last observation to even things out a little….chicagoans (and all americans, i suspect) have nothing on the brits when it comes to complaining!!! they expect instant and efficient service and have no trouble speaking up-LOUDLY if they don’t get it!!!

well, that’s about it-my step dad is smoking a turkey today for the gang, matt is going back to new york tonight, i have to finish my 3000 word assement by wednesday and then it will just be making the rounds of social engagments and shopping….lots of shopping!!!

3 thoughts on “observations

  1. (3) U.S.A., 66.7%
    Well, the U.S.A. doesn’t top the list, but it’s close, and it falls behind only a small islands nation and one of its own unincorporated territories. The United States of Processed food, high fructose corn syrup and fast food has been high on this list over the last half century.

    The Uk is 10th……….perhaps your looking through rose tinted glasses, try wallmart?

  2. I just think we have more people here so proportionately it may SEEM we have more fatties but I agree with you.. I am not insulted by it because no one is in denial and wearing their tits out or thighs on display.. and defintely not in a professional setting by either skinny minis or not..

  3. Not that it’s an excuse, but in an office setting, could it be due to lack of air conditioning? Said by someone who works in an office with women of a different cultural background who are modest – makes me feel like the one with my tits out! lol.

    An English friend recently posted something about American state fairs and the food that is served there (blooming onions are on every American menu, didn’t you know?). The post linked to a blog that showed a photo of a stand at a fairground with people in the photo…and her comments in her blog included talk about fat Americans…oddly enough, when I looked at the photo more carefully, there wasn’t ONE person in that photo who could be described as fat. They were all slimmer than me, but not skinny, and decently dressed…

    I tend to see more super-skinny people here, but maybe it’s because I AM in the city centre so much and what I’m seeing are the thin young things out for a day’s shopping – I’m going to be bombarded with that with my teenage nieces in a few days – three of them together probably don’t weigh what my daughter weighs, and she’s not fat.

    It may be a stereotypical kinda generalisation, but Americans complain loudly and get what they want, whereas the Brits moan quietly to everyone around them except the one they should be moaning to. I fit the British stereotype more than the American one, and I know plenty of British people who complain loudly and clearly. We all complain?!

    We could say, based on your table, that the American trip is so cheap because it takes forever to get there, when taking the express. 45 min to go less than 40 miles? I do remember taking the train from Kenosha to Chicago and thinking we’d never get there…

    Nice, thought-provoking post.

    Nice, thought-provoking post.

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