working during vacation?

today and tomorrow are my last two, down to the wire, must complete this paper days. i have 1600 of the 3000 needed words- the hard part is putting together an electronic portfolio….i’ve moved my base camp back to the city to rose’s apartment so she can help me.

i am enjoying a delicious cup of coffee that i made with the coffee maker rose bought with her christmas money-using freshly ground coffee beans~~~~~ need to wake up those brain cells!!

i’ve started making a pile of stuff to take back-yesterday i bought some little garden stakes with butterflies and birds on them…and this blue masking tape for painting. last night (after 8pm) i took a little stroll through her local little walgreens and bought some regular flavor crest toothpaste (i don’t like mint) the first of several bags of rold gold pretzels and two big kosher dill pickles individually vacuum wrapped!!!

 that was an excting find!! you should have seen me rummaging through this bin that was too high for me trying to find a “kosher dill” i didn’t want to take a chance on the “hot and spicy”.

please read this:

this is not to say that any of these or suitable substitutes of these products cannot be obtained somewhere within the european union but i am, like most people, a creature of habit and i like what i like. some things i like for no rational reason other than i grew up with them and they are familiar and comforting-so that is why i will be filling a large suitcase with such things…..for no other reason than i can.~~end of story~~~

2 thoughts on “working during vacation?

  1. Hope you’ve managed to get it all done…I’ll be fancy-free this time, but I remember my last visit, trying to revise for exams!

    I’m away from the house in less than 12 hours…the countdown begins…

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