back in the groove

i made my way-stumbled really- to london today. i nearly missed my bus, had to switch to the train in order to be sure to catch my scheduled train and had to run to get my tickets and on to the train with about two minutes to spare….

i had to review some stuff for the meeting but when i looked up it was a bright sunny day and i was disoriented by the beauty of the english countryside. last week i was on a train but with completely different-suburban chicago scenery. not better or worse just different…

i have had to reorient myself a few times but most dramatically hanging off a curb in london as double decker buses whizzed by….from right to left…..a real “we’re not in kansas anymore” moment.

the meeting went well, good to see everyone and had some unrealistic “right from the project directors mouth” news about how the project would continue despite having no statistician, staff jumping ship left and right and generally going up in a puff of smoke. amazingly, we had two new doctors joining in. there was a comment welcoming them to “the heart of the dept of health” ….oops, more like the “corpse of the DH”

i have to comment here-

i don’t know how i have survived all these trips with no music. i brought back an ipod and it has totally transformed my commuting experience. i am thoroughly enjoying having a blank faraway look while battling through the crowds.

i came home and slept for an hour+ and now i’m wide awake…lots and lots to do this weekend…stay tuned!

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