the plane i didn’t take

i saw this plane at manchester airport when i was waiting to board my flight-there is no way i would have gotten on that!!

 things have taken on an interesting twist~i used to love to fly, then the air force and some incidents took away the fun and excitment~many years passed and the fear of flying crept in.

 miraculously this trip has virtually cured that. the flight to chicago was long anticipated and had so much potential to it that the first flight was fine except for a moment of nausea at take off-by which i mean exactly at the moment that the front wheels leave the pavement…

the return flight didn’t have a whole lot of fun attached but i actually enjoyed the take off, it was a bright sunny afternoon and i managed to watch out the window as the plane ascended over chicago, out over the lake.

maybe all the beautiful new visions i have of the city i come from have chased away some of the terrible old memories~nightmares even….

so in a few short weeks when i head to barcelona, no doubt i will be nervous. now i have another fear to conquer ~ the fear of public speaking. 10 minutes in front a totally unfamiliar crowd, there could be 10 people or 110… at a scientific conference. can’t think of anything more daunting… 

i won’t be scared of the flight though.

2 thoughts on “the plane i didn’t take

  1. My memories of my flights into and out of the US this time are all about the Lakes! The only one I didn’t fly over was Superior, and they were gorgeous in both directions, especially Lake Huron…

    I’m a sucker for the seat back video thingy, and I like to watch the map for long periods of time and then look out the window. Big deal, it’s mostly ocean, but flying back to the UK, we flew over Ireland just before sunrise, and it was interesting seeing the little towns and farms with their lights on.

    I was hoping to see the Northern Lights this time, but didn’t happen…

  2. i have a really piognant memory of leaving ireland, seeing the coast behind us and heading out over the ocean heading to the states.

    i’m jealous if you had a seat back video screen!! i thought they were fairly standard on transatlantic flights by now-it is 2010!!

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