just another weekend away

i’m packing and printing and re doing my note cards, in other words getting ready to shove off to barcelona. somehow, the plane is the least of my worries.

i had another run through the presentation with my boss yesterday where he again mentioned that my accent will work in my favor-he said it adds “credibility”. he has mentioned before that i don’t have any “annoying habits”  or “speech impediments” (thanks to central school speech therapy) when i’m speaking. i just need to practice emphasizing certain phrases and taking my time to really e.n.u.n.c.i.a.t.e…speak clearly, not mumble, slur or say the dreaded ummmmm.

he went through some unlikely but possible scenarios such as “what will you do if the screen goes blank?” i was thinking a little more realistically…”what if i open my mouth to speak and no sound comes out?”… or “what if i feel faint?” or want to vomit?

tomorrow will be rexalation day, even if it forecast heavy rain. i hear there are some really stunning things to see-the gaudi church and mosaics? anyway, i’ll get some pics.

i can do this.

 i can do this.

   i can do this!

       i can do this!!!


7 thoughts on “just another weekend away

  1. i used to have a horrific fear of public speaking — delayed going to grad school for five years because of it — and then learned that when i had to give a presentation i was usually the expert on the stuff i was talking about, that i did not need to know the answer to every question (it is okay to say “i don’t know, but that’s a great question”), and that once i started it felt okay to keep going. now i welcome the opportunity to get on my soapbox, even when i am nervous i actually enjoy it.

    you will do great — look at all you have achieved so far!

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