drained and squeezed dry

after all the excitement of barcelona i headed up to the north of england…where they talk funny. they paid for me to stay overnight in quite a nice hotel attached to the reebok stadium-home of the bolton wanderers football team (?)

 we were sitting in the bar talking about how the whole day would run and there were two men sitting at a table behind us, the sounds coming out of their mouths was like no language i ever heard before and i actually had to turn around as i half expected to see them wearing some exotic tribal outfit or something…but no it was just too scruffy middle aged men drinking their beer.

i felt a little better when one of the very heavily accented northern ladies said “are those two speaking english?” to which the men as if on cue went through a series of unrecognizable syllables and gestures which made it clear that even if we couldn’t understand them they were in fact speaking the same “language”

later, we decided it must have been some very thick and heavy scottish dialect~full of grunting and noise but not really english as we know it.

i gave another, more casual presentation which went well. after the very scripted format i had to keep to in barcelona i tried to just have some notes and talk my way through stuff i knew backwards and forwards.

all this traveling-3 more trains wednesday and thursday and too much restaurant food is making me crave my bed and scrambled eggs and toast.

today? today if i don’t have to open my mouth i won’t…i had big plans to get to the leisure centre and pick up the feedback from my assignments but that is looking less and less likely.

 it is still only 9.30am and today is my beloveds birthday so  i guess i have to do something other than my imitation of a cat….but it will be limited to what i want to do, when i want to do it!!!

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