not bad for a high school drop out

i called home this evening to talk to my mom about this week’s events-she was out at target so i spoke to my step dad for a few minutes. i asked about his back, no surgery scheduled yet and told him i’d call back to talk to her about the week. he started saying he’d heard about it and he said congrats or something…it’s funny how your family, the ones who know you best put it all in perspective because i said “not bad for a high school drop out”

it may surprise or even shock some people to know that i am a high school drop out. that is the term for those of us who did not finish high school and receive a diploma. there’s lots of reasons why i didn’t finish-some that are clear and some forgotten-it seems like a different life, a different person now.

i don’t think there was ever a question that i was smart, clever…really intelligent. it was always about focus and direction. i took my GED cold, no preparation when i was 18 and when i went in the air force they said i had the highest “non HS grad” score they’d seen.

i suppose that makes my success this week a little bit sweeter.

it also make me look at the kids hanging out in my neighborhood and think…if only they had a goal~~if only they knew all the amazing places that are out there~~if only they could imagine what their life could be like if they applied themselves.

3 thoughts on “not bad for a high school drop out

  1. We learn something new about you all the time…

    Lack of focus and direction – some things never change. If I had not graduated high school, I doubt that I would have achieved my GED as ‘easily’ as you did. I was kept in line only by fear of what everyone would think if I didn’t keep my grades at a B, and that was something I could do with my eyes closed, so that’s what I did!

    You’ve come far. 🙂

  2. but doesnt that make you also think on the other hand, those kids who are always messing about might turn out ok like you did. They are so young, but you were so young when u stopped school too, and did lots of stupid stuff and now look , you save lives. Dont judge them too harshly… is all im saying.

  3. i’m not judging them harshly at all, mostly i feel sorry for them because i know that usually the only thing standing between getting out of a bad situation and perpetuating it is having a good mentor.

    even if it you don’t recognise it as such, someone to look up to and think i want to be like that and to know there are other lifestyles out there.

    i’ve often wanted to go up to them and ask what their goals are~don’t they want to see something besides west heath (and possibly ibiza) i’d love to tell them my story but i don’t think they’d be interested just like i wasn’t interested in anything anyone told me when i was 16.

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