sunday, sunny sunday!

despite working a short shift yesterday afternoon, i am catching up on my sleep and generally unwinding. i was woken up by a cat, forget which one now, very early…6ish? it was dark~~i crawled back into bed determined not to get up too early. i only dozed on and off and managed to get a few glimpses of a pink sunrise out of one half opened eye before i finally got up to the bright sun at 8.30.

being away from home really reminds me of how much i love, love, love being home! it was frosty last night but is warming up nicely. my most pressing issue is to walk down toward the train station and buy some pansies.

i have a few other things to do but i’ll try to fit in a few naps….

roy a walked with me toward the train last night and we went our separate ways in front of the fordrough pub, otherwise known as the “scene of the murder”. clearly, there was activity on the site after all these months. it’s fenced off, the shrubs are cut down and some work is being done on the roof. the man assures me that he saw a sign saying they are opening a tesco.

it won’t be as big as that and i really prefer sainbury’s but i think this will be the most exciting thing to happen in west heath in the 5 years i’ve lived here~other than the murder…

One thought on “sunday, sunny sunday!

  1. I long for that feeling again to want to be home…it’s been so long. I remember it though…it’s a great feeling. Good for you. 🙂

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