the rebound

it’s hard to believe that a week ago my head was full of intelligent phrases and i was sure there wasn’t anything i couldn’t do. then i came back to not just one but two jobs where i am treated like a complete fool. my confidence crushed i called/emailed in/off sick.

right now, i’d struggle to give more than my name, address and phone number. i also cancelled an interview that i was really looking forward to… 

i treated myself to a therapuetic 5 mile walk along the canal to remind myself i can still put one foot in front of the other and to try to loosen up my chronically aching back (it didn’t).

i did plant my pansies in between long spells under the duvet. tonight i figured i better get up and move around or i will never sleep tonight  (not that that’s ever been a problem for me) i watched eastenders-gotta love a chick pub fight where the heavily pregnant slag gets slapped and now i am watching:

rory and paddys great british adventure

and amazingly i think you can watch it too! it’s given me my only laugh today, ENJOY!

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