something my brother told me

long ago, way back in the 70’s when i was lucky enough to have a big brother to watch out for me, to protect me…he gave me the following crude advise~~~

if you write “doormat” on your back and lie on the floor

don’t be surprised if people wipe their feet on you

it was given in response to my inability to place limits on other peoples behaviour~something i struggle with 35 years later~

3 thoughts on “something my brother told me

  1. I had that said to me over ten years ago by a guy I used to work with. I told him about my ex-husband (who was only a boyfriend at the time and I still married the jerk) that was coming to Oregon to see me. Dirk said: “Hmmm (as he walked around me looking me up and down)….I’m looking but I don’t see it, it must be under your clothes…”. I said….”Excuse me…what?” and he said: “The words DOOR MAT.” I never forgot it…too bad I still really don’t put it into practice. Kind of hard to expect someone to treat you with respect when you don’t do it for yourself….

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