6 thoughts on “what is that?

  1. hhm first one makes plants grow straight.. one holds a beer can in the turkey’s cavity

    one is kosher dill pickles.. pizza but I can’t tell what was on it or not..and one is Roy standing with hanging bread and was the shed in the parking lot for the shopping carts ? trolleys??

  2. the pickles are pretty self explanatory but it’s the jar of pickles that i was trying to show…a big jar of pickles on the counter…don’t see that in brum

    andyou missed the cauliflower in cheese in single servings-so if i did aquire a taste for cauliflwoer and cheese while living here i could always satisfy my cravings when i go home…

    the pizza is chicago deep dish…

    roy is standing with hanging hams! iberica ham…

    the last is the cart corral, where you put your shopping carts, of course!

  3. the first two, the tomate cages or could be used for other plant supports were only plain grey when i left…i would die for some of those bright coloured ones….

    and have you had beer can chicken?? apparently my future son in law does it…i thought it was a joke when i first heard about it but they sell special stands…

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