cat rescue needed, seriously

it’s nice to know at least one person is missing my blog- she wrote and asked where i’ve been. good question….

i’m just doing my usual routine but sick of thinking about myself and my issues. my sister and i are in almost daily contact trying to figure out what to do about our dad’s “estate” . i use that term in the loosest legal sense possible because we couldn’t even locate his social security number to file his death certificate, let alone find out about a will, a safe deposit box or bank accounts….

yesterday my sister and my daughter very generously donated (for the future benefit of the rest of us) their saturday to drive 4 hours to the middle of the vast state of wisconsin

to actually visit, for the first time, the house we have heard so much about~and not in a good way. at one point my daughter rang me to say they had arrived, had a look round and opened the door but had yet to enter…i said so are you two just standing there saying…you go first~ no, you go first~no, you go first, i’ll be right behind you…she said yep, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

they described some of it to me but i’ve yet to see the pictures. one major shift in all our thinking was that we imagined it was an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere~in fact, my sister said she could see neighbors on either side. i went back to the public records and saw the frontage of the property was only 175ft…my sister felt like the neighbors were checking them out saying “the crazy man’s family finally showed up”.

not a whole lot was accomplished but it had to be done and i’m most grateful to them for going, they did say it was a lovely fall day and the countryside was pretty. the glitch in this can of worms was that even though the deputy told me that the neighbor (everybody knows henry) took the cats away on the day and while i secretly suspected he’d killed them rather than feed them- the intrepid detectives (my sis and daughter) found about 8 cats in and around the house. obviously hungry, scared and cold….

now, i would never describe myself as a cat person, although i am in love with a certain tabby furball, but when i stepped back and considered my whole family-we’ve always had pets and the current count is i have two cats~~~my mom, brother and sister all have a cat and a dog….kind of spells animal lovers? so last night i made several phone calls to the humane society who told me to call the deputy who passed me to the police who said it wasn’t his jurisdiction and back to the humane society who will let me know who that is on monday.

for a bunch of cold, hungry cats that his a long way off-i didn’t sleep well particularly since my own cats were completely stressed out with the fireworks here so i made a renewed effort this morning to find someone to gather up these poor felines and get them to a shelter-encountered the same round and round web circle as last night until i found

Crazy Ladies Cat Rescue

i secretly suspect this is a well organized international group of middle aged women like this

or more likely this

 i wrote them a long email explaining the situation and hope to hear back from them soon…in the meatime if anyone knows a cat lover in central wisconsin who has a few cat carriers, some cat food, some time, some nose plugs~~ and is in need of a 100 bucks~tell them to contact me here!! ASAP!!!

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