don’t be jealous

but i have a new ladder!!! well, at least i will tomorrow when the nice man from wickes delivers this~~

a professional 3 way combi ladder with a 5 star rating!!!! it goes straight out, as a step ladder or can be used on the stairs. now, you must be asking yourself why would a new ladder be soooo important that i would put it on my blog?

well, i have a rickety old ladder that the halloways left me but this new one will be bigger, better, sturdier and safer-i can tackle the painting, gutters, loft, the skies the limit without having to worry as much about falling…

a friend from work told me that her dad had been made redundent from his job as a decorator, he came round and was willing to do a really professional job tidying up the dining room and living room and finish the stairway for a really good price but i had to pass because it’s one thing for me to prop an aluminum deathtrap on the stairs to paint but i can’t take a risk with my friend’s dad….we make be back in business…

one odd thing is that i was thinking about adding some bags of potting soil to my order but they consider that to be “big and bulky” and charge extra. why would a 5 foot ladder not be considered big and bulky?

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