cat rescue-mission accomplished!

last weekend i made an appeal here for anyone who could help rescue some cats from my dad’s house. i set out to try to find someone who would be willing to gather up the cats and deliver them to the humane society. i called the marshfield pet shelter at the pet hotel and found….

donna, the cat rescue angel

this woman answered a call from a complete stranger, agreed to go there herself and took time out of her busy life to rescue 7 cats from my dad’s house.  i think it was more complicated than i thought it would be, they were scared and not terribly well-behaved but i appreciate all her effort and for keeping me up to date.

even though i have to believe that i would probably done the same thing if i could, i am well aware that a lot of people would not. at any rate, i asked donna if i could send her a small gift but she said all she wanted was a donation to the marshfield veterinary hospital, which i happily did.

the lessons in all of this?

  1. there are very kind people out there
  2. it is difficult to put a price on peace of mind
  3. old people can lose the ability to judge their own (and their pets) welfare
  4. neighbors need to err on the side of being overly concerned and helpful (before someone dies)

3 thoughts on “cat rescue-mission accomplished!

  1. He works for a Brit company basically so he already knew.. He even wore a poppy and an Indian guy said ‘Good Lord! I haven’t seen one of those in 8 years!”.. he’s still holding on to all he can that makes him britsih and better than the yanks.. Bless him! 😉

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