pre thanksgiving notice

for me there is a vague awareness of the impending holiday festivities, mostly from my family and references to “black friday” AKA after thanksgiving day sales. just in case anyone thinks that the recession is only happening in the US…it’s not. England has just given ireland £7 Billion in addition to a big chunk of change from the EU to bail them out(!)

hey!! i’ll take a bit of irish countryside….

just so the folks back home know-i’m going to london tomorrow

i’m presenting to a group of senior nurses (including the senior nurse from my hospital who berated me in all sorts of evil ways a few years ago) in birmingham on the BIG day.

on friday i will be working at the new hospital

didjahearbout the plane crash???

i was asked early on in my expat experience if thanksgiving was an “american christmas”….uh….no…

i could only say thanksgiving is the perfect holiday-with all the famly obligations of christmas without the burden of buying presents…..

4 thoughts on “pre thanksgiving notice

  1. Loved the clip!

    I just explained to a Brit last evening about Thanksgiving. He KNEW it wasn’t anything like Christmas and understood the history, he just wasn’t sure how it was celebrated these days…and didn’t know a THING about Black Friday!!

    If I don’t see you before, have a great day at work on Friday!

  2. HAPPY GOBBLE, GOBBLE TO YOU, we’re off to the City, Rose said she is having party games, Papa is thrilled, he loves that kind of fun. We don’t want to be late. All I made is 3 different cranberry relishes, and creamed spinach. I am truly looking forward to my FIRST Thanksgiving away from home in 50 years.

    We’ll have to work on my visit time now that you’ll be in London for the April wedding of Bill and Katy… you, always, MOM

  3. bill and katy! ha!! here it’s more official–william and kate…
    liz and phil-chuck and cam?

    we will have to get you over for the buildup although plane tickets for aprilare probably sky high now!!

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