creativity creeping in…

last weekend i finally managed to paint my hallway…2.5 years after rose andjames  primed, taped and painted one wall. the tape was driving me crazy~there was a phone wire messing everything up so i cut it out once i realized~it’s 2010~they have wireless telephones!!! i went to curry’s and felt incredibly old when i also realized that today’s wireless phones are basically a stand for a mobile (cell) phone. straightaway i was on ebay looking at this baby

now that’s a phone!! you could beat someone with that handset…

another reason for the delayed painting was  i couldn’t really decide on the colour…now i have to finish the stairs-

~~to remove the carpet ~~~or not remove the carpet that is the question~~~

and the trim…there’s at least 3 years of indecision there….

rose sent me a link to some really cool frank lloyd wright stencils that we saw when i was home-

these run about $20- a little browsing, a couple clicks and armchair dreaming and you find yourself drooling over a $4000 sofa

and wondering how much it would cost to be shipped from the US….maybe they can throw in this chair…

or this one?

i will have to stick with my recycling chair project…pics coming~~

2 thoughts on “creativity creeping in…

  1. wow!! all of it… we used to have rotary hanging wall phones but my grandparents had one big grey one like the one you showed.. yup C will have no idea what they are…

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