snow in england=

  • cancelled meeting in london!! too treacherous to travel….
  • chavs stay indoors!!!!  pouring rain doesn’t slow them down but temps just below freezing does…..

here’s a few snow pictures you won’t see in chicago~~

sheep~~jackie cargin

snow family~~peter sparkes



7 thoughts on “snow in england=

  1. Can’t quite get my head ’round ‘sub-zero temps’ though – since they’re in centigrade! But, still, came home from work tonight, turned the weather report on, and it is below 32 F! Before 7:00 in the evening…very cold in this country.

    But, as Tracy said, it does seem to keep the chavs in!

  2. Man….I must be part polar bear…(from living in the U.P. of Michigan)…I MISS THE SNOW! I am SICK of rain! All we have in Oregon and Washington now is rain and I am sick of it. Can’t be Christmas without snow…not to me.

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