i’m impressed

we are in a proper winter freeze! not one of the usual “arctic, frigid” cold spells where it gets to all of 3 degrees celsius~~37 F.

nope i went out yesterday, briefly and it was cold COLD. with no hat, my ears were burning cold by the time i got back from my short trip to the shop. here’s the current BBC weather highlights

 that still is fairly mild compared to chicago but it’s virtually unheard of here~everything is cancelled~schools, meetings, buses, gatwick is closed this morning….here’s the 5 day forecast for birmingham

Day Weather Wind Direction and Speed
Humidity Pressure Visibility  
Wed Day weather
Light Snow Shower

Light Snow Shower

-1°C 30°F -3°C 27°F East North Easterly12mph 19km/h 78% 1013mb Good
Thu Day weather
White Cloud

White Cloud with light snow shower forecast for 06:00

-1°C 30°F -5°C 23°F North Easterly9mph 14km/h 91% 1014mb Poor
Fri Day weather


-2°C 28°F -4°C 25°F South Westerly6mph 10km/h 97% 1013mb Moderate
Sat Day weather


2°C 36°F 1°C 34°F South South Westerly5mph 8km/h 94% 1007mb Good
Sun Day weather
Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain

3°C 37°F 0°C 32°F South Easterly3mph 5km/h 98% 1006mb Moderate

 ah, relief! only 5 days til the heavy rain comes and we can all get back to normal~~~~til then here are a few less glam pics of snow from my upstairs windows

merrishaw road

back garden~casa de A

i’ve only been out for less than 30 minutes in the last two days and have no real reason to go out for the next 3 days…pantry, freezer and fridge are full….but it’s starting to snow lightly and i think i’ll venture out today…before cabin fever sets in~~

4 thoughts on “i’m impressed

  1. lol, Julie!!! I NEVER love the snow…the only time I’d change that is if I didn’t have to go out in it. 😉

    So, yes, indeed, it has been cold here. And even though some of the temps Tracy has quote might seem mild by midwest standards, the wind (they rarely quote wind chill temps here) makes it seem so much colder. Houses and heating systems just are not made to withstand it.

    I’m glad I don’t live further north, because they’ve really got the snow… we’re talking feet in some areas, not inches!

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