brrrrrrilliant day

it’s still cold here~really cold!  a lifetime in chicago has taught me that if you layer and dress warmly~~~cold weather can be invigorating!! mr a and i went to harborne-the 45 bus to the 11. it’s pretty posh and the main destination was the upscale food shops~waitrose and marks and spencers simply food. the delicious result of this is that we had a lovely dinner of slices of the smallest ham i’ve ever seen, liver pate, blacksticks blue cheese

on german and french bread, with kosher dill pickles, olives and pickled onions….yummy!

tomorrow will be pork leg steaks with an apple stuffing and roast parsnips~~i’ve been converted

it’s kind of a perfect end to a perfect week~~ i didn’t have to go out, i worked hard~~in my jammies and finally after 18 months on this stupid project, with the whole thing falling apart at the seam…. i finally have total responsibility for the very important job of validating the data. ..after all these months of the project director ignoring me-now i will have the final piece of the puzzle….*diabolical laugh*

tomorrow i am working at the hospital-half a regular shift and half extra (big££). i’m starting to feel greedy and wondering how many extra shifts i can fit in…the truth is…i’m a workaholic….   it’s not just the work but what i can get with the money i earn…i always like to dream and plan the next adventure…..

the hard part of today is that once again my sister and i are trying to sort through the puzzle of my dad’s “stuff”. we got his death certificate-distressing enough-we still don’t have power of attorney so we are only filtering through bits and pieces-tomorrow she is making the 4 hour drive up to small town wisconsin to his house-my daughter and son are going with…i am so proud of them for agreeing to undertake this unpleasant journey on my behalf. the plan is to delve deeper into what has already proved to be a rather icky, yucky  living situation to retrieve some documents that will give us an idea of his assets…amazingly my 19 year old son will be leading the girls…

i wonder if this his my dad’s perverse way of getting our attention?

2 thoughts on “brrrrrrilliant day

  1. I wish the kids and your sis the best on their trip to Wisconsin…unraveling a mystery indeed.

    Most of the rest of your post just reminded me that it really is winter!! Cold and yucky and foggy this morning…but the focus is definitely on food. After reading your description, I need to get out of bed and have some gruel for breakfast…and then think about eating something really lovely later on. 🙂

  2. Glad that you had time to chill (no pun intended…honest) and get into Harborne (love it there…)
    On the other hand, sorry that you are still sorting out the situation with your dad. Kudos to your kids for their part. That is really great of them.

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