jeeeez loueeez

it warmed up on saturday but it is cold again-really cold!

 so cold that i have to check the condensation pipe every day to make sure it’s not blocked with ice and as if that wasn’t enough fun~~~ today when i was getting ready to go to coventry and was hoping to have a little side trip to ikea…i took a bath and noticed the water was draining really slowly…by the time i got downstairs water was dripping…

what’s a word that describes more than dripping and less than pouring?

that’s what it was doing and continued to do long after it blew the fuse because the water was coming through the light fixture. i quickly decided that i couldn’t go out with the place in this state and cancelled my meeting and stood there trying to mop up the water on the floor, avoid slipping and cracking my skull open and bailing the remaining water out of the bath.

once things settled down the question was why was the pipe leaking? obviously the pipe was blocked…with ice? but why didn’t the water just stay in the bath? why was it leaking out?

well, me, my new ladder, two blow dryers and various tools to pull off the bath panel to expose the innards of the plumbing later…

it appears that the outside pipe was blocked with ice and there must be a crack or bad seal in the drainage pipe coming out of the bath..on the top…because under normal conditions with the water flowing-no leakage….but when the pipe is full of water it fills up to the top and leaks~~quite profusely, i might add…

i didn’t think of all that by myself-i phoned a friend!

yesterday, i called the cemetery where it was rumoured my dad’s family has a plot…rumour squashed it was true. i even surprised myself when she asked when my grandfather died…mmmmm, nineteen….seventy…..nine? {I was in the air force at the time}. the very nice cemetary lady who must spend a lot of time speaking to weeping, grieving relatives and relieved to explain to me~ after she pulled “the card” that yes, in fact there was an empty grave in the plot and yes, we can bury both my grandma’s and my dad’s ashes in the grave…then came the confusing part.

my grandma’s name is Louise, my aunt who’s already buried there is Louise. what followed was a twist on the “who’s on first” joke…telling this very patient woman~~my grandfather is david…. Louise is my aunt…. she’s david and louise’s daughter…no, the other Louise…my grandma’s name is Louise, we want to bury her ashes with her husband and her daughter, Louise…and my dad’s ashes…he’s the brother of the Louise who’s already buried there…and the son of the louise whose ashes we will combine in one container….

i never said Louise so many times in my whole life…i’ll be glad when we do the right thing and they are all buried together~~

5 thoughts on “jeeeez loueeez

  1. Re your Loueeez problem, as I knew it, Aunt Louise was legally Louise M. Boyle, the M is for Margaret for Grandpa Boyle”s sister. Grandma Boyle had a middle name, but I think for the most part just used Louise Boyle. I seem to remember Grandpa name as David J. Boyle…..your Dad was Terrence David, I hope this info helps…Love you, Mom

  2. You never cease to amaze me.. You always land on your feet. I would have panicked.. Can’t believe how cold it is there.. yes I moan here but the news says it may get up to 80 soon.. I’ll be quiet now.. The truth is all my M clothes are summery.. Do you remember how hot that summer was??? waaaaayy back then? We actually bought that looking for beater tye t’s to wear under..

  3. I’m with Maria…you never cease to amaze us! All of that going on and you just get on with it PLUS find the time to blog and tell us about it. I want to be as organized and put together as you.

  4. organised and put together? some may find other words to describe me…

    is there another option when water is pouring from the ceiling? i suppose i could have left til someone else got home from work….

  5. til someone else go home from work and ignored it? lol
    In some ways i cant wait til i own a house so i can just get on with fixing things myself, without asking or hiding it from the landlord.
    BTW i loved your title. didnt expect the double reference. you should put your witty writing out for the public somewhere. lol

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