the passing show

not sure where to start….the weather here is unlike anything i’ve seen in 7 years. my normally bustling roundabout- the stop of  3 buses which spread out in all directions have effectively had NO bus service since saturday!!!! mr a has had to walk 15-20 minutes to the next available stop every morning.

i was supposed to go to liverpool on monday but wisely cancelled that trrip…yesterday i had no choice but to travel to london-mainly because my work laptop died…meaning i was without email and it’s not certain they will be able to retrieve my very important documents – disaster!

i had to walk 30 minutes to the train-all trains are delayed- but there was a silver lining…any business person who absolutely didn’t have to make the journey stayed home and on the return trip….i had first class ticket!

i’m no snob but fucking hell….give me a first class ticket anytime!!!

roomy seats-quiet-choice of snacks and drinks at my seat…..sooooooo civilised~~~

this is the time of year when i start to panic-after swearing off the holiday stress and drama-i suddenly wish i was knee deep in ankle biters, wrapping paper, twinkle lights and santa in 30 differnt poses…particularly in light of what i am really facing.

 4 (FOUR) night shifts in the hospital

i managed to get to the BIG shop for some christmasy treats-by my definition. lots of fish, seafood, marinated artichokes, stilton cheese and a crown of turkey breast.

what i don’t have? marinated seafood (octopus, mussels etc) and christmas cookies

i have some photos to post tomorrow but as always i am sending lots of love to all my family and friends.

3 thoughts on “the passing show

  1. No chance of us getting together then in the next four days?!! lol. Maria, one of these next mornings, if I drag my sorry butt out of bed early enough, I’ll see if I can skype you – or maybe I’ll just call you!

    I’m not having regrets just yet at not celebrating. That guy I’m seeing is spending the next week with his brother and family in Norfolk, so he’s out of the picture. My uncle is spending the holiday with his daughter and her boyfriend, so I’m just going to chill. Will skype with my kids Xmas night my time, so that’s good…I’ve got lots of food, some films I haven’t seen in ages, reading material and my computer…oh, ya, and the chocs we didn’t eat up last night…it’ll be an interesting Christmas. Merry one everyone.

  2. Wow…i think it was rather balmy today in the Pacific NW….50s. Sorry the snow is buggering everything up. It would be nice to see a bit here, but won’t happen. I have the all day run tomorrow to friends and to my sister’s if I choose to. A bit of a visit to my niece’s on Christmas day then a relaxed evening to myself. Gee…not like I haven’t had enough leisure time in the last 2 months. Hope you ladies have a time whatever you choose to do.

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