did i miss something?

i worked three night shifts-23rd, 24, 25th december…there seemed to be a bit of buzz-steady stream of snack food, repetitive music and limited public transportation. i think these would be the hallmarks of a traditional festive occasion which has pretty much passed me by this year. i decided a month ago to forgoe the big stuff-the tree, decorations etc but i always try toget in a few special treats at the last minute.

having the flu and the current UK  deep freeze have scuppered even those minimalistic holiday plans…

life goes on and despite also working on new years eve i have a burst of energy. last night someone poked some sickly green dip in my face and asked what it was…i said i think it’s supposed to be guacomole. she said she didn’t know what that was…i told her i would make some real guacomole for her. i’m thinking of introducing some spicy shrimp cocktail sauce to the british….they do this pale, pink, mild marie rose sauce…

i want to be the very first to start with new years resolutions because i have major plans for 2011-

i am going to get this house sorted!!!

new kitchen-probably thanks to my dad

painting, cut down hedges, mosaics, hang up photos/pictures

my new screensaver

merry, happy, joyous

One thought on “did i miss something?

  1. beeee yyyyooyy teee fffulll! Big hugs to your rugrats!! Hey james still talks about your big fat Christmas tree ‘that year’.. 🙂 Glad things are a bit more chipper!!

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