every bookshelf tells a story

i am inching forward with my plans to “get organized”, i have over three nights manged to move two bookshelves putting the smaller one by the front door so the telephone has a better place to sit besides on the stairs…and move the bigger one upstairs…giving more room for a new sofa!

books and bookshelves are a big thing for me-and most people. i now have quite a collection, built up over the years and my theory about books is they are great to have around but the depth of your love and attachment to them comes when you have to pack them up and carry them or pay to have them shipped in a move…one medium size box of books can be pretty darn heavy!!!

when i moved to england i had to go through every single book i had and think about where it came from, how useful it was and whether it could be replaced. some were some no brainers like my signed and dated copy of “ice and fire” given to me by my friend when we worked in iceland, my 3 diferent signed copies of julia child’s cookbooks and others that were given as gifts or served some special purpose like the one that rose and matt filled in about the new baby’s arrival…others, particularly the kids books, had to be culled from a whole set to just one or two of my favorites.

so here is one of my once again growing book shelves~~

what’s on your bookshelf?

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