watch this blog

it has the potential to become a real nurses blog.

i went back to work new years day night and was doubled up…again. i mentioned to the charge nurse that i wasn’t complaining because i was agency that night but in fact the previous night i was on a regular shift and i was doubled up (with my 2 men) and i am there to keep up my clinical skills and there are plenty of really sick patients….she gave me a flip response that “we all want sick patients”…a comment she apologized for later.

i was sad to find out that although i gave handover of my “boyz” to two nurses and went home assured that they would each have a nurse to get them through the more strenuous day shift~~~about 10am they “pulled” one of the nurses for a new admssion and left one nurse to both patients.

take note-this is budget cuts in action

sid struggled through…. first one competent but struggling nurse and then during the afternoon with a questionable agency nurse…and on our night shift arrival needed intubation and ventilation overnight. this was an avoidable situation.

the holidays are over….well, after tomorrow…i am in the homestretch of my research project and the world is wide open….maybe nurse advocacy is my calling….

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